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    GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement which empowers people and organizations to transform communities and the world. The annual celebration of generosity, GIVING TUESDAY will happen on NOVEMBER 28, 2023. This global movement inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

    Please consider donating to USA Taekwondo on this giving day, November 28th! Share details regarding your taekwondo journey and how USA Taekwondo has made a difference in your life with your friends and family and encourage them to give a gift as well.

    Your tax-deductible donation would prove beneficial to USA Taekwondo and best serve USATKD membership by providing education opportunities, mental health programs & services, recognition & award programs, support and training within a safe and positive environment. 

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    When you chose to give to USA Taekwondo this Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023, your support will assist in the growth of many fantastic educational opportunities & courses, reward & recognition programs and national campaigns including the Safest Place to Play Campaign.

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      In 2024 USA Taekwondo will continue to focus on educational & training courses and resources for all Members.

      Athelte Education Programs will include:

      • Mental Health Resources
      • Stress Coping Recommendations
      • Nutritional Information
      • Anti-Doping Information

      The USATKD University will continue development of educational taekwondo technical programs for athletes, coaches, and officials.

      Coach Education will be enchanced to include:

      • Courses designed specifically for New Coaches
      • Young Athlete Development Resource

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      USA Taekwondo has amazing members and wants the world to know!

      In addition to existing award programs, USATKD plans to add many more in 2024:

      • Expand Talent Identification programs and continue to offer training across the United States to grow a pipeline of skilled athletes with potential to achieve medal success nationally and internationally.
      • Scholarship Athlete Support: Provide financial support (funding to compete nationally and internationally) to U.S. Scholarship athletes who are currently in the identified athletic pipeline and are partially funded.
      • Recognition Awards: Provide All-Academic financial awards at U.S. Nationals to select athletes with excellence in academics.
      • Provides All-American financial awards at US Nationals to select athletes who excel in taekwondo, academics, and community.
      • Create new recognition award programs to award more USATKD Members/Clubs: Clubs & State Association, Athlete & Coach/Instructors, Referees & Tournament Staff, Volunteers, Athlete Ranking Awards - Points Patch Program (Youth, Tiger, & Dragon)
    • Safest Place to Play


      SafeSport Recognized Leader:

      The Safety of ALL amateur athletes is a primary goal of the USATKD organization. The U.S> Center for SafeSport, U.S. Olympic & Payalympic Committee (USOPC) and National Governing Body USATKD are leading in the movement to put an end to abuse of ALL athletes.

      USATKD will continue to focus on and educate the National Taekwondo community of important SafeSport services and programs designed to keep them safe from sexual, emotional and physical forms of abuse, and create the safest place for youth amateur athletes to play in the United States.

      Athlete Safety Campaign Implementation:

      • #Notinmysport
      • Safest Place to Play
      • SafeSport Training

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    USA Taekwondo is a non-profit corporation (501(c)(3)) which operates for charitable and education purposes to foster national and international amateur competition in the sport of Taekwondo.  USATKD is a member of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, World Taekwondo and Pan American Taekwondo Union and its purpose as the Olympic Governing body is to inspire United States athletes to achieve competition Taekwondo excellence in the United States and to serve all who wish to participate with a strong focus on athlete safety.

    USA Taekwondo provides an equal opportunity to amateur athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, and officials to participate in taekwondo competition without discrimination.


    YOUR GIFT BENEFITS ALL! Your gift, a tax-deductible donation, benefits all USA Taekwondo members. Funding received from Giving Tuesday provides direct support to education opportunities, mental health programs & services, recognition & award programs, support and training within a safe and positive environment. 

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      “I’ve done taekwondo as long as I can remember, it’s engrained in my blood. This sport gave me direction and discipline along with purpose and community and so much more. I feel like taekwondo, along with my family, gave me such a strong foundation for life from a physical and mental stand point. I genuinely believe taekwondo is one of the best sports on the planet and it produces great athletes and people. Donating to USATKD will help increase the quality and size of events that can be held and provides more opportunities for young athletes to compete, train, and grow with the best in the world!" -CJ NICKOLAS



      "USATKD wants to provide a high caliber competitive team for international events and travel and expenses are quite costly, any donations to help athletes and coaches to help give them that opportunity.

      Referees are all volunteers; donations go a long way to helping them offset costs and providing thank you incentives to keep working a job that is tougher and tougher every day." -ERIC GILSON



      "Donating means a lot to me. Not just money but volunteering time. I want to give every athlete the chance to reach their goals. Donating is a way to give back to the sport that you love and see it grow.

      When I was young, I was told that it takes a village to raise a child. I believe in the same concept. It takes more than just a handful of people to make an organization grow and events to run smoothly." -ED GIVANS



      "Donating to USATKD is important me because I believe in the organization’s goals of continuing to foster the safest place for athletes to achieve their goals in pursuit of the Olympic dream. Donating allows for continued improvement and expansion of our development programs that assure all current, and future members continue to enjoy both the spirit of Taekwondo and the Olympic ideals that make our sport uniquely special." - STEPHEN LAMBDIN



      "Taekwondo has played an unexpectedly important role in my life. Having started over 25 years ago, I had no idea how much the sport and the community would mold me into the person I am today. The values deeply embedded in Taekwondo transcend sport itself. We learn to be respectful, courteous, have integrity and so much more, and through that, I have been able to build so many important bonds that have lasted the test of time. Some of my most important life events have come about because of my involvement in this sport -- I married my best friend who also does Taekwondo many years ago and I've had the honor of traveling around the world representing Team USA at various international events, learning about cultures and places I might have never encountered if it weren't for this sport. I thank my parents who signed me up all those years ago as that one seemingly small act has truly shaped my life. I would love for others to have these types of life-changing experiences too so please consider supporting however you can."  - CARISSA FU



      "Donating to USATKD is important to me because I have witnessed how the sport of Taekwondo can increase self-esteem, confidence, and pride that comes with accomplishment. Training in Taekwondo is hard work, and the progression is valuable because it requires dedication to achieve the next belt level or rank. I am proud that USA Taekwondo has cutting edge programs to reward the hard work and dedication through scholarship support and academic award programs for athletes. We now have programs to identify and foster the talent we see in developing athletes so that they have the infrastructure and support to become elite. With your giving and support, USA Taekwondo can broaden the scope to reward more athletes and expand the program to identify additional talent. 
      With my career as an educator, specifically in medicine and sports medicine, I am grateful for the emphasis that USA Taekwondo places on getting and keeping athletes healthy, not only the physical aspects of strength and conditioning and physical performance, but also the psychological, such as stress management and mental health. Through your donations, USA Taekwondo can develop more resources and educational courses for coaches and athletes, which is paramount for keeping athletes safe and healthy.
      By continuing to build our programs and resources, every athlete, coach, referee, parent, and club will benefit.   By supporting the athletes through various programs, it provides reinforcement for those who are achieving their goals and incentive for those who desire greater results." -DEBRA KROTISH



      "Taekwondo has been an important part of my life for over 30 years. I recently returned to competition and have found that the opportunities provided by USATKD have been invaluable for my continued growth and education, especially the poomsae camps and referee seminars..  I especially appreciate USATKD's efforts to provide learning and competition opportunities for the increasing numbers of older competitors. The coaching staff has been phenomenal. The competitions have been well run, safe, professional, and continue to improve. When putting on our USATKD Colorado state tournament, the staff have been exceptionally helpful in ensuring that the event is run safely and smoothly. I am very happy with my association with USATKD and was proud to represent the USA as a member of the National Poomsae team." - JOE COUGHLIN

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