USATKD's Athlete Safety Initiatives Recognized by World Taekwondo

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World Taekwondo has established awards to highlight the ongoing efforts of MNA'S (Member National Association) contributions to global sustainable development goals through Taekwondo.  These awards highlight dedication in WT's three Focus Areas:  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Community;  Health & Well-being; and Environmental Sustainability.


The U.S. Taekwondo Federation (USATKD) earned 2nd place in the World Taekwondo Health & Well-being iniaitive for its "USA Taekwondo SafeSport Program and Safest Place to Play, #Not in My Sport" initiative.  Prioritizing athlete safety, the program, in partnership with the U.S. Center for SafeSport, includes comprehensive training, policies, reporting mechanisms, and sanctions for violators, aiming to exceed safety standards and educate the Taekwondo community about athlete safety.


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USATKD encourages you to learn more about the USATKD Safe Sport Program and Safest Place to Play Initiative.  Visit the USATKD Website today to:

-Understand how to recognize, prevent and respond to abuse

-Access comprehensive training - SafeSport Course Catalog

-Read USATKD's Safe Sport policies and procedures and understand WHY USATKD IS the Safest Play to Play - Learn, Train, Compete!


Did you know?  USATKD has a dedicated Athlete Safety Team.   Sherman Nelson, Director of Athlete Affairs and Sharon Jewell, Domestic & International Safeguarding Officer are committed to supporting athletes' safety and well-being through dedicated programs and stringent policies and procedures.


THE SAFEST PLACE for taekwondo athletes, coaches, referees and members to participate and compete in the United States is at USATKD Sanctioned events/camps/seminars.