Paralympic Athlete Classification


Classification Overview

Classification provides a structure for Paralympic competition. The International Paralympic Committee has adopted a universal classification code in order to facilitate the implementation of accurate, reliable, and credible sport-specific classification systems. The classification process determines who is eligible to compete in a Paralympic sport and it groups the eligible athletes in sport classes according to their activity limitation in a certain sport. For more information about Paralympic classification and the IPC Athlete Classification Code, please visit the IPC Classification Webpage.

World Taekwondo is the international federation for Paralympic Taekwondo. WT Para is responsible for creating and implementing the rules and regulations that govern the Paralympic Taekwondo classification system. For more information about World Para Taekwondo.

All national classifications conducted in the United States fall under the governance of U.S. Paralympics as the National Paralympic Committee for the United States. For more information about the national classification policies and procedures, please visit the U.S. Paralympics Classification Policies and Procedures Webpage.

Classification Database

The USA Taekwondo National Database includes all athletes whose classification information is on file with either the IPC, WT and/or U.S. Paralympics. Athletes who have been nationally or internationally classified as per the Code and/or the U.S. Paralympics Classification Policies and Procedures are included.

Only athletes who have a current World Athlete License and are classified with WT will appear on the list.

National Classification Database

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International Classification Master List

National Classification and Opportunities

All athletes who wish to compete in the Paralympic divisions at events must undergo a national classification evaluation to determine their sport class. The steps to obtaining a national classification are outlined below.

2023 Classification Opportunities

2023 Events Hosting Classification

Athletes with a Physical Impairment

1. Submit the national medical diagnostics form to the USATKD Director of Para. The form should clearly define which of the eligible impairment(s) the athlete has and supporting documentation should be provided to verify the underlying health condition or origin of the impairment(s). The national medical diagnosis form must be submitted prior to attending a classification evaluation.

National Medical Diagnosis Form - Submit to Director of USATKD Para, Adrian Gonzales.

Click Here for the Form

2. Register for an event that has a national classification panel

2023 Classification Opportunities

3. Attend a classification evaluation. Classification takes place one or two days prior to competition and participation in the competition is required to complete classification. The evaluation process consists of:

a. Physical Assessment - a series of functional ability tests performed by a Medical Classifier

b. Technical Assessment - a series of practical ability tests observed by a Technical Classifier

c. Provisional Sport Class Allocated - Based on the results of both of the above tests, athletes are allocated a provisional sport class

d. Observation in Competition - This will confirm or alter the provisional sport class allocation

For information regarding the USATKD Paralympic Program, contatct Stephen Lambdin @