2020 Online Poomsae Grand Slam

Nov 16, 2020 - Nov 16, 2020 |

The Grand Slam is sanctioned at the 16.0 level AND is also the first ever Major Tournament under the National Team Selection Pathways, offering not only big points in the rankings, but also the first chance to claim a spot in the 2021 National Team Tournament, with the winners taking a giant step towards being the next Poomsae USA National Team Member! 


The event will be open to all Black and Red Belt athletes in the Youth, Cadet, Junior, and Senior divisions. The first round of the tournament will be seeded based on the current rankings in the U.S. National Poomsae Rankings.


The Grand Slam will play a crucial role in the National team selection procedures as the winners of the black belt world class divisions will be one step closer to making the National Team, automatically qualifying as a Major Tournament Winner for the event at which the National Team will be named! As in the Summer of Poomsae, the competition is expected to be of high quality, and provide the best poomsae athletes in the U.S. another captivating and unmissable opportunity to benchmark themselves against the best. 


The Poomsae Grand Slam will be feature the same high quality production as the Summer of Poomsae, with competition, play by play commentary, interviews and on-screen graphics providing a TV style broadcast that was enjoyed by tens of thousands of viewers throughout the summer, giving poomsae athletes the opportunity to be showcased on USATKD platforms to viewers around the world, alongside furthering their National Team dreams. 


The competition will begin with the senior, master, and youth athletes, where they will be featured in high quality broadcasted episodes - the first episode for senior, master, and youth divisions will air on November 16. In December, the episodes will feature the junior and cadet athletes - the first episode for both of the divisions will air on December 14. As this event is both a major and a significant points earning opportunity we are proud to announce that there will be five judges of the highest calibre for each performance to ensure that the best competitors rise to the top.


Registration IS OPEN NOW and the event is open to both members and non-members, with USA Taekwondo members receiving a significant discount on registration fees. Members will continue to receive discounts on all events going forward, with even more benefits to be announced soon, so if you want to start saving right away, and maximize the value of your membership make sure you are signed up in your Sport:80 account today!

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