Last Second Spin Earns Team USA Greenwood Gold Medal at 2022 World Championships

by USA Taekwondo

Guadalajara, Mexico (November 18, 2022): Team USA Makalya Greenwood wins gold in the women's -53kg division at the 2022 World Championships held in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Greenwood is the first women's world champion from the USA in 13 years! 

On day 5 of competition, Greenwood was focused and got busy.  Round 1 was even fight and ended with a superiority call awarding the win to Greenwood.  In round 2, Zuo from China was not giving in and put up a strong fight.  Zuo takes round two with a 4-1 win.  The third round however was the game changer.  Zuo landed a head shot but Greenwood responds with a staggering side kick.  The pressure was intense.  The score now 5-3 with Greenwood down.  Both fighters relentless for the title.  With less than 3 seconds remaining, action was a must. Greenwood aggressively kicks Zuo to the body and ties the match to 5-5.  A gamjeom for Zuo, now 6-5.  Zuo's coach is visually disappointed and then yet another two technical points are added. Greenwood take the win with a spin!  Amazing!

USA Taekwondo Coach Paul Green anxiously awaits Greenwood on the side of the mat where she literally run and jumps into his arms.  Their excitement is overwhelming and for the United States contagious.  

Since 2019 Team USA, Head Coach Gareth Brown and Coaching Director Paul Green have produced gold medals in the following major competitions:  Pan Am Championships, Pan Am Games, World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Today is a day of celebration and another day of anticipation as two more United States athletes take to the mat.  Tune in to watch Female -73kg Madelynn Gorman-Shore in Court 3 and Male -54kg Melvy Alvarez in Court 5.



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