USATKD Announces Groundbreaking Sponsorship Deal with Vision Martial Arts: Largest in Sport's History

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USATKD Announces Groundbreaking Sponsorship Deal with Vision Martial Arts: Largest in Sport's History

[Charlotte, NC], [October 3, 2023] - In a monumental move set to redefine the landscape of taekwondo, USATKD is thrilled to announce its exclusive sponsorship agreement with Vision MA and its brand Tusah. The deal, which runs through the next Olympic quad until 2028 is a groundbreaking partnership that stands as the largest apparel deal in the U.S. Taekwondo history, showcasing Vision's commitment to supporting USATKD, athletic excellence and fostering growth within the taekwondo community at all levels from grassroots through elite to promote and improve the sport of taekwondo.

The deal, worth more than $1m over the next four years will see the California and Seoul based equipment and clothing manufacturer outfit all USATKD National teams – sparring, para and poomsae - and provide elite level support to the organization’s Team USA Athlete Academy at UNC Charlotte in North Carolina.

As a global leader in innovative sportswear and equipment, Vision is poised to bring its cutting-edge technology and design expertise to the forefront of the U.S. taekwondo world. This impressive sponsorship agreement encompasses a comprehensive range of support alongside its cash value, including state-of-the-art equipment, high-performance technical apparel, and a suite of World Taekwondo approved equipment to elevate the training and competition experience for USATKD athletes.

"USATKD is proud to further align with Vision MA in this historic sponsorship deal," said Steve McNally, USATKD CEO. "They have been USA Taekwondo’s staunch allies for 30 years now and our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and the development of the sport makes this partnership a natural fit.  Our decades long history working together makes the relationship both rewarding and very comfortable for us. We are excited to provide USATKD athletes with the tools they need to reach new heights and inspire the next generation of taekwondo enthusiasts. Primary partners such as Vision are essential to achieving our ambitious goals for the sport, and we thank them not just for their support, but also for their confidence and excitement for the path USA Taekwondo is on."

The collaboration extends beyond traditional sponsorship boundaries, with Vision and USATKD intending to work together to develop and refine cutting-edge gear tailored to the specific needs of taekwondo athletes. This collaborative approach underscores Vision's dedication to pushing the boundaries of sportswear technology and ensuring that USATKD competitors are equipped with the very best resources to excel on the world stage.

Sun Hong Kang, Chief Executive Officer of Vision USA, remarked: "Tusah International and Vision MA Inc. are honored to reaffirm our enduring partnership with USA Taekwondo, serving as its primary partner and sponsor. We express our profound gratitude to USA Taekwondo for the collaborative synergy over the past three decades, and we anticipate strengthening our commitment to the National Governing Body in the forthcoming three decades."

"USA Taekwondo is proud to embark on a new path with this partnership with Vision. "The magnitude of the new sponsorship is unprecedented, and it is just a glimpse into the future of Team USA on the global stage", said Sherman Nelson, Director of Athlete Affairs at USA Taekwondo. "With Vision by our side, we are confident and excited that our athletes will be safely supported on their journey, empowered to be the best version of themselves, and their fit will be legit."

As Vision and USA Taekwondo embark on this groundbreaking journey, both organizations express their enthusiasm for the positive impact this collaboration will have on the sport of taekwondo and its athletes.

Gunny Kang, Vision’s Director of Operations wrote a letter to the Taekwondo community and can be found below.

“To the esteemed USA Taekwondo Community,

Today marks a momentous occasion for Vision MA Inc. as we proudly reaffirm our exclusive partnership with USA Taekwondo. This year, not only do we celebrate Vision MA Inc.'s 30th anniversary as a leading martial arts company, but we also commemorate three decades of unwavering collaboration with USA Taekwondo. Our journey together, beginning in 1993, signifies a cherished legacy. Being the official sponsor and partner of USA Taekwondo has been both an honor and a privilege. Vision MA, Inc. extends its deepest gratitude to the community and the esteemed former presidents of USA Taekwondo. Your collaboration over the past three decades has been instrumental in our success, and we sincerely appreciate your unwavering support.

Vision MA Inc. takes immense pride in contributing to USATKD's illustrious history and its remarkable achievements over these 30 years. It is a privilege to align with an organization that upholds the values of liberty, freedom, and independence so deeply ingrained in our nation.

In line with our commitment to excellence, Tusah International, an esteemed partner of World Taekwondo, was conceived to usher in innovative and premium products for our taekwondo athletes. Together, Tusah International and Vision MA Inc. eagerly look forward to channeling our collective global prowess, creativity, and innovative spirit to further the cause of USA Taekwondo.

Tusah Innovations embodies our dedication to providing inspiration and cutting-edge advancements to our USA Taekwondo athletes. Our ongoing research and development efforts culminated in the creation of the Tusah EVO sustainable product line, which encompasses everything from uniforms to sparring gear. Crafted to the highest caliber, these products are designed using superior materials, making them the ideal choice for competitions worldwide. Fueled by our mission, Tusah Innovations continues to pioneer new products in collaboration with USATKD, always striving for groundbreaking, sustainable, and innovative solutions for our athletes.

For 30 years, Tusah Innovations has been an essential ally for numerous USA Taekwondo athletes, especially during their appearances at the Olympic or Paralympic Games. We are continuously inspired by the distinctive designs Tusah has crafted for USA Taekwondo, both during the Games and on the medal stand. Tusah Innovations' contributions over these decades have been pivotal in propelling our athletes to excellence on the global stage.”


Gunny Kang

Director of Operations

Vision MA Inc. 

Tusah International