Make a Difference - Donate to USATKD

Your donation to the USA Taekwondo supports the sport of taekwondo in America. From grassroots training to world-class competitions, giving to the sport you love provides athletes the resources needed to pursue greatness and continue our tradition of producing high-performance athletes capable of winning international, World Championship and Olympic and Paralympic medals.

Because of your support, our athletes can achieve their dreams and the taekwondo community unites in growing our sport.

Your gift is urgently needed in these key areas outlined by our members.

  1. Elite Athletes at all Levels – From the youngest athletes to cadets, juniors, seniors, ultra & para taekwondo, you can support our athletes as they train and compete at home and at the toughest tournaments in the world.
  2. Sport Development – Growing the sport happens at the local level. You can help promote and support new clubs/schools, build and strengthen para taekwondo programs, provide quality coach education and certification, showcase and market recreational taekwondo programs, and create grassroots and regional programs.
  3. Culture of the Sport – Nurture and support a healthy taekwondo community by investing in athlete safety; Diversity & Inclusion, Safest Place to Play, SafeSport and #NOTINMYSPORT initiatives as well as mental wellness programs to ensure our taekwondo family thrives and grows. 
  4. Organization and Community – Invest in the vital daily operations of USA Taekwondo and our work with athletes, coaches, referees, volunteers, state associations and club/school owners. Supporting these operations provides a solid foundation on which our sport can flourish.  

Join our team by pledging your support to our U.S. athletes and help us maintain a culture of competitive excellence. We would love to recognize you as an esteemed donor and supporter of USA Taekwondo.