The Level 2 Seminar - Developing Taekwondo Athletes and Coaches, is a seminar of the USA Taekwondo Coach Identification and Development Program (CIDP) that will be held on June 15 - 17, 2017 at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. The Level 2 seminar is grouped into modules that will be offered over the course of three days in conjunction with the Athlete Development Camp (June 11 - 17). Level 2 introduces the coach to sports science and coaching principles to maximize the development of athletes in the sport of Olympic-style taekwondo.

The curriculum builds upon the knowledge provided in Level 1 by incorporating the proper application and analysis of Taekwondo techniques and tactics. The Level 2 seminar also consists of modules contributed by the United States Olympic Committee to provide our coaches with cutting edge information. The topics that will be covered in this enlightening seminar will include designing Taekwondo periodization plans, sport psychology, and the basics of strength and conditioning.

This year, the registered Level 2 Seminar coaches have the opportunity to stay onsite at the Olympic Training Center during the seminar. If you do not wish to stay onsite but want to take the Level 2 Seminar, please contact Dani Sweigard for accommodations.

CIDP Requirements: 
In order to register for the Level 2 seminar, coaches meet the following requirements:
- Be a current member of USA Taekwondo in good standing
- Have passed the required background check within the past two years

- Have completed the SafeSport certification course
- Have taken and passed the Associate Coach Quiz
- Have taken and passed the Level 1 Seminar
Registration fee: $630.00

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I coach at the Athlete Development Camp if I register for this seminar?
Coaches who participate in the Level 2 Seminar at the Athlete Development Camp (ADC) are not considered ADC coaches. The ADC is an elite-level camp and is run by the USA Taekwondo National Coaching Pool coaches. Level 2 participants will perform a practicum with ADC athletes, and have the option to register to attend the ADC as a personal coach for the first four days of the ADC if they wish to do so (contact Dani Sweigard for accommodations). Level 2 participants will only be allowed to coach their own club athletes and cannot coach any other athletes unless specifically requested by the Head Coach of the ADC. Level 2 participants who do not have any personal/club athletes at the ADC are welcome to stay for the duration of the ADC as spectators and may eat meals with the ADC participants.

Can I park at the OTC during the Level 2 Seminar and the ADC?
Yes. Parking is available during the Level 2 Seminar for all coaches staying onsite at the OTC. Day-use participants during the first four days of the ADC may park in any of the parking areas on campus, but must remove their cars before 10:00 pm each night.

I cannot attend the full seminar. Are participants allowed to arrive late or depart early?
USA Taekwondo understands the time constraints involved in participation in this camp, and we appreciate those coaches who make this sacrifice for the betterment of their athletes and the sport overall. Because this is a high level certification, USA Taekwondo cannot waive any of the modules. All participants must complete the full practicum and modules in order to be considered Level 2 Certified Coaches. All coaches must arrive on or before June 15 and depart June 17 in order to receive full credit.
Is the Level 2 Seminar offered online?
Because the Level 2 Seminar involves an evaluated practicum, we are unable to offer this course online.

For questions, please contact Dani Sweigard at


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