Membership FAQ

    We want signing up as a USA Taekwondo member or member club to be as easy as possible, and with our online system you can become a member in minutes! Below are some of the questions we are asked most often, along with an official answer - there's every chance your query will be answered down below, but if not, do not hesitate to contact us! We'll get back to you as soon as possible, and if it's a great question we'll even add it to this page!

    For all membership questions not answered below send us an email to Christy Simmons at You can also call the Membership Office during business hours on (719) 374-5745.


    For Membership account support articles, CLICK HERE

    Individual Member Questions

    Q: How do I create an account?

    A: Creating an account is easy! Follow these steps:

    1. Go to the log in screen: USATKD Membership Site
    2. Click 'Don't have an account'
    3. Complete the form
    4. Follow the on screen instructions
    5. SIMPLE 

    *Note* - Remember you can create one account and manage multiple people!

    Q: How do I reset my password?

    A: From time to time we forget things. If you can't remember your password or need to reset it, follow these steps:

      1. Go to the log in screen: USATKD Membership Site
      2. Click on 'Forgotten password'
      3. Follow the on screen instructions

    *Note* - You must use the email address that was used to create your account and have access to this email account in order to continue through the password reset process. 

    If you no longer have access to the email click on the 'Contact Support' button below, to help us help you as quickly as possible please provide the following information:

    • Full Name
    • DOB
    • Sport
    • Membership Number

    Q: Why does my account say 'Action Required'?

    A: If your account says 'Action Required' or has a red symbol next to any qualification, that means that you have a few things that you might need to get done first.

    • Is your membership current? Does your membership say 'Lapsed' or does it just say 'Action Required'? If it says 'Lapsed' then you will need to renew your membership before you can register for any events.
    • If you are over 18, have you taken you SafeSport Training? You will need to have that training complete if you are over the age of 18.
    • If you have a qualification or role: Roles, like Head instructor or qualifications like Referee or Coach mean that you will also need to have a background screening complete prior to being able to have access to anything in these roles. Please remember that it takes 5 to 10 business days for all background checks to be processed.

    If you have any other questions, please use the support feature on your profile.

    Q: How do I take my SafeSport Training?

    A: Safe Sport is an initiative that is mandatory for all USOPC National Governing Bodies to develop and to implement. USA Taekwondo has done so, and it is now a requirement that people in supervisory positions with our Taekwondo athletes must undergo and successfully complete a background check. Of course, the emphasis here is on the safety of our athletes and the strong motivation to keep them safe from all kinds of abuse, to include harassment, bullying and improper touching. We will also be providing training for our membership regarding Safe Sport and its implementation. 

    1. Log in to the USATKD Platform using your email address and password
    2. Click the 'View' option on your profile card
    3. Select the 'US Center for SafeSport Training' option
    4. Click on the blue ‘+ Access Training’ button
    5. Confirm the email address you would like attached to your account and click ‘Access Training’
    6. Read the Terms & Conditions document and if you accept, click the ‘Accept’ button and you will be directed to take the training.

    If you are still having trouble, submit a ticket under your profile.

    Q: What if I have taken a background check through another company?  Can I use my previous background check for my USA Taekwondo background check?
    A: USA Taekwondo mandates that you go through your USA Taekwondo membership profile on Sport80 to take your screening.

    Q: How do I complete my background check?
    A: You can complete your background check through your online membership account. 

    1. Log in to the USATKD Platform using your email address and password
    2. Click the 'View' option on your profile card
    3. Select the ‘USOPC Background Screening' option
    4. Click on the blue 'Add USOPC Background Screening'
    5. Then follow the prompts on the screen

    If you are still having trouble, submit a ticket under your profile.

    Q: How long does my background check take to complete?
    A: The background check can take 5 to 10 business days

    Q: What if I am a coach, referee or instructor and/or club owner and I do not complete my background check?
    A: If you do not complete your background check you will not be able to renew your membership, renew your club, register for or participate in any USATKD event or development program, and you will not receive referee or coach certification upgrades.

    Q: How long is my background check valid?
    A: Your background check is valid for two years from the date it is completed. 


    Q: How do I file for an insurance claim if I am injured?
    A: Call or email the USAT membership office for a claim form and instructions to complete the claim form. Upon verification of membership and approval from USAT, you will receive a claim which you can send directly to the USAT insurance company.  


    Q: What do I do if I lose my membership card email?
    A: Email the USATKD Membership office. They will resend your membership card email.


    Q: I am listed under the wrong club, how do I correct this?
    A: If you are listed under the incorrect club on your membership, then you will need to change your club under your membership tab. If your club is not showing up on the list that could mean that your club is not currently renewed for this calendar year. Ask your instructor about getting their club affiliated with USATKD or select 'Unaffiliated' with your state if your club is not apart of our program.

    Q: What do I do if I already registered my entire family with USATKD and did not receive the Family Membership discount?
    A: You can change your membership type at any time and you will get credit for what you have already paid for. Here are the steps to create a Family Membership:


    1. Before you get started with the membership, you will need to make sure that all of the addresses for each member are EXACTLY the same. It can’t have any differences or else it will not accept it.
    2. Log into and view the account that you would like to be the family primary member.
    3. Click the membership tab and select the colored icon in the center. It will either say “Lapsed” or “Current” or “Action Required.”
    4. Scroll down and select in the dropdown “Family Primary” and put your family’s last name in the Family Name section.
    5. After that click “Add” and you will be able to add all of the other family members in.


    USA Taekwondo Club Membership Questions

    Q: How do I get the Club Liability Insurance?
    A: Your club must have at least 35 Athlete, Coach or Referee members to be eligible. If you elected to receive club insurance and your club has reached the 35 member mark, the USAT membership department will receive notification and an insurance certificate will be issued.  Once the insurance certificate is issued, it will be emailed to the club representative.

    Q: What do I do if there are members missing from my club member list?
    A: The individual member will need to change their club affiliation through their profile.

    Q: What do I do if my club's address changes?
    A: You can log on to the USATKD website and change it yourself or will need to submit, in writing, to the USAT Membership department your change of address. Only the Club Representative listed on the application will be able to submit this change.


    For questions on your club membership and your benefits contact Christy Simmons at the membership office at or at 719-374-5745.

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