Junior National Team

2019 Junior National Team Sparring

Weight ClassFemale Team Male Team
Fin (-42kg) Ellie BezansonFin (-45kg)Beckett Malinowski
Fly (-44kg)Noor AhmedFly (-48kg)Kenneth Victoriano
Bantam (-46kg)Sophie OcegueraBantam (-51kg) Chandler Torres
Feather (-49kg)Lindsey CorriganFeather (-55kg) Vincent Bui
Light  (-52kg)Karla PereaLight (-59kg) Emilio Cendejas
Welter (-55kg) Anastasija ZoloticWelter (-63kg) Koby Uy
Light Middle (-59kg) Aliyah Shipman
Light Middle (-68kg) John Arne
Middle (-63kg) Akilah FranklinMiddle (-73kg) Dallas Parker
Light Heavy (-68kg) Alena Viana
Light Heavy (-78kg) Julian "KB" Kim
Heavy (+68kg) Rebecca AdamsHeavy (+78kg) Brian Lee


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