by USA Taekwondo

USA Taekwondo was honored to be one of only 6 out of 213 taekwondo nations to receive a prestigious A1 rating from World Taekwondo following the completion of its assessment of standards of governance around the world. 

The process, which mirrors the International Olympic Committee’s governance assessments for International Federations, is a valuable tool used by World Taekwondo to identify the best solutions for ongoing improvement with the goal of promoting excellent governance practices. This tool provides USA Taekwondo and other MNAs the ability to assess their strengths and challenges and enables each to identify areas for improvement. 

The process focusses on five major principles: Governance, Transparency, Integrity, Democracy, and Development. Countries can receive a maximum possible score of 50 points and USATKD is proud to have earned one of the highest scores with a score of 46. 

To date, World Taekwondo has grown into the fourth largest international federation in the Olympic and Paralympic movements.  The total global membership of 213 MNAs is comprised of 53 MNAs in Africa, 44 in Asia, 52 in Europe, 19 in Oceania, and 45 in Pan America. 

World Taekwondo Secretary General, Jeonkang Seo said: “On behalf of World Taekwondo, I am delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to USA Taekwondo, on achieving an outstanding A1 rating in the World Taekwondo MNA Survey conducted in 2022. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the unwavering dedication and commitment of USA Taekwondo towards promoting and maintaining the highest standards of governance and furthering the development of taekwondo. 


We greatly appreciate the relentless efforts undertaken by USA Taekwondo to uphold good governance practices. Your continuous dedication to Governance, Transparency, Integrity, Democracy and Development sets a commendable example for other national federations. 


WT remains committed to supporting USA Taekwondo in its endeavors towards continuous improvement and excellence.


USATKD thanks World Taekwondo for this recognition, and more importantly, for its commitment to the driving up of standards around the world, both on and off the mat.