USATKD University is Open for Enrollment – it’s time to ‘Study, Fight, Win!’

by USA Taekwondo

(March 13, 2021) - The doors of USATKD University (USATKDU) are now open! Launching today is the first in a series of super high quality, multi-week educational courses covering all aspects of our modern sport - USA Taekwondo is about to change the game for American taekwondo athletes, again!


Launching with a ton of content devised and delivered by the world-renowned coach and USA Technical Director Paul Green, the courses have been developed to teach cutting edge modern methods of sport taekwondo and prepare athletes for the rigors of international competition and academy life. 


Athletes who complete the first three (of five) degree levels will earn Academy Athlete status, gaining access to exclusive camps (once Covid subsides) and moving one step closer to being the next full time, fully funded Resident Academy Athlete - traveling the world, making your name and writing your legend. 


Complete all five levels and you will be a fully certified Sport Taekwondo athlete. In the future these certifications will be used for tournament eligibility, along with the more traditional black belts. More details on that later.


We will be offering scholarships to athletes based on merit and financial hardship, and member clubs will receive affiliate status, whereby USATKD will hand them a percentage of the revenue earned by encouraging their students to take classes. If you represent an organization that you believe would benefit from Affiliate Status simply contact us for more details.


Following on from sparring athletes, Poomsae content will launch soon beginning with an innovative online Talent ID program to recruit for the new Poomsae Academy, a seminar series and degree courses which launch later in the year. We’ll even have an opportunity for you to submit videos of your forms and be scored and receive feedback from an international referee, giving invaluable insight into the scoring process and where your deductions are coming from! Groundbreaking.


Hot on the heels will be referee education and coach certification courses, as we strive to provide that world class content to everyone who has a hand in maximizing athlete performance.


Steve McNally, USA Taekwondo’s Executive Director said: “USATKD University is an astonishing piece of work - there has never been anything quite like it for taekwondo athletes, anywhere in the world – the depth and the attention to detail is quite breathtaking, and coupled with professional production and cutting edge technology this will raise the standards across the board again. I’m in awe of the work the team has done here - whatever you are expecting this to be, think again. It’s much better.”


May Spence, USA Taekwondo’s Senior Director of High Performance said: “Education begins the second an athlete shows an interest in the sport and continues every day in the gym and should never really stop from there. And here everyone has an opportunity to learn from, in our opinion, undoubtedly the best coaches in the world.”


“If you engage with USATKDU, the Academy and USATKD events you will get better, whatever your current level - guaranteed. The University it is a key part of an actual revolution in our sport, and a cornerstone of the professionalization of our sport in the United States, and we cannot wait for you to experience it. It’s going to change the game, and if everyone studies and fights hard, the U.S. will begin to win consistently again.”


Each course contains video lessons, quizzes and practice sessions designed by Paul Green to specifically train the skills just learned, and each section ends with a final assessment which includes submitting a video to be assessed by Green and the National Team Coaches to verify the athlete’s progress.


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The doors are open and anyone can now sign up for the following TODAY:


Degree Level Course

Modern Sport Taekwondo 101: Foundation in Contemporary Tactics & Techniques (12 week course – out now)


Individual Specialist Courses

(please note: all standalone courses are included in Modern Sport Taekwondo 101):


Front Leg 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – out now)

Back Leg 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – out now)

Punch 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – out now)


New content will drop every Friday, and you can enroll today in all of the following 


Axe Kick 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – released April 2)

Push Kick 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – released April 9)

Leg Holds 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – released April 16)

Hip Strength 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – released April 23)

Evasion 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – released April 30)

Movement/Travel 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – released May 7)

Step Sparring 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – released May 14)

Flexibility 101: Foundation (one week long standalone course – released May 21)


Over the next two years we’ll release four more degree level courses:


Modern Sport Taekwondo 201: Intermediate Tactics & Techniques 

(15 week course – released Summer 2021)

Modern Sport Taekwondo 301: Taking on the World 

(20 week course – released Early 2022)

Modern Sport Taekwondo 401: Becoming World Class

(21 week course – released Summer 2022)

Modern Sport Taekwondo 501: The Best of the Best

(23 week course – released Early 2022)


To view how the lessons will be presented, take a look at the first introduction to the Back Leg Tutorial under Modern Sport Taekwondo 101 - it is available as a free preview and you can also take the quiz once you have completed watching the lesson.